Why Hire an ATA-Certified Translator?

ATA certification is one of the industry's most respected credentials for translators and is the only widely recognized measure of competence for translation in the U.S. See what it means to be an ATA-certified translator and what it takes to earn this credential.

Why Become an ATA-Certified Translator?

ATA-certified translators earn a distinction that can open doors to career advancement and higher compensation.

Put your credentials to work

Using the CT designation and seal is an excellent way to show off your certification status on your résumé, business cards, and more.

Recognition through distinction

ATA-certified translators are prominently highlighted in ATA’s Directory of Language Professionals, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Voting member status

With a direct voice in ATA, you can shape the future of your association and your profession.

Exam Schedule

See the schedule of upcoming exams and learn how to register.
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About the Exam

ATA explains the exam, who should take it, what languages are available, and what skills are needed.
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Am I Ready to Take the Exam?

ATA certification is a credential for experienced translators. Find out if you’re ready and how to prepare for this important milestone.
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How the Exam is Graded

ATA exam results are pass or fail only. This is the prevailing practice of many high-stakes credentialing exams.
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Take a Practice Test

The practice test is an excellent and affordable way to measure your readiness to take the exam.

Already certified?

Find out how to put your credentials to work and how to fulfill your continuing education requirements.

CT Designation and Seal

Show off your certification status on your résumé, business cards, and more.

Don't Lose Your Credentials

ATA-certified translators must fulfill the continuing education requirement to maintain their certification.

Looking for CEPs?

With conferences, seminars, and webinars, you can find affordable and effective ways to maintain your certification.

Introduction to ATA Certification

Watch an overview of the exam, what it tests for, how it’s graded, how to prepare, and how to register.


ATA's Certification Program

ATA established its certification program in 1973 to provide a framework for recognizing professional-quality work. Learn more about the program, its history, and ongoing commitment to achieve its goals.